Emma, Southampton

Chris was absolutely fantastic. He offered me unlimited support throughout as promised and never ever made me feel like a nuisance; which I'm sure I was! He gave me lots of encouragement, helped me with negotiating daytime naps, was always there as a troubleshooter and ultimately is our saviour as we now have a sleeping baby! I cannot say enough how much I would recommend working with Chris as he will be able to give you a baby that sleeps at night and is then in the best mood ready to tackle the next day, and I'm sorry but is that not the most amazing thing ever?

Beena, Essex

Fantastic! Chris was warm and really understanding of our issues. He helped us throughout the process, more than he needed to and we are grateful for his help in resolving our child's sleeping issues. Thanks!

Lauren, Glasgow

Really helped our baby stop waking during the night. Would recommend.

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