Are you expecting a baby or have just welcomed your wee bundle of joy home?

Confused about sleep regressions or wanting to know how to create better sleep patterns for your baby?

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Online course for expectant parents and newborn babies

Only £29

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at expecting parents or those that have just welcomed their little bundle home.

This online course is packed with all the sleep information I wish I had known before my first son arrived. It talks about sleeping patterns in the early days, through to gentle habits and strategies you can use to encourage your baby into a more structured daytime and night time routine when they are ready. 


What will you learn?

Foundations of baby sleep, breaking down jargon such as sleep regressions and sleep associations.

Safe sleeping guidelines and other areas of baby sleep.

Gentle but practical strategies that you can introduce early on to help your baby become the sleeper they need to be in the future.

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