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I am a certified Sleep Consultant but most importantly, I am a Dad of two wonderful little boys Teddy and Rafferty who cause me endless amounts of worry but ignite a love I never thought existed.

I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland and moved to London in 2006 and entered into corporate life. It wasn't until my boys were born and my wife and i moved out to Kent that I started to enjoy a slower pace of life (as much as you can with young kids!).  

There were various reasons I retrained as an infant sleep coach. My eldest son was initially a very good sleeper, sleeping through the night occasionally from 10 weeks and consistently from 14 weeks. And then something changed around 5 months. Suddenly he would only go to sleep in our arms for naps, bedtime and he was waking 2-3 times per night. This caused many long, emotional and exhausting evenings and sleepless nights trying to get him back to sleep.

After endlessly Google searching 'why won't my child go to sleep?' which didn't offer any useful solutions, we hired a sleep consultant. Together we were able to resolve the issues and our lives and wellbeing improved immediately. Our boy was happier and more energetic, and my wife and I were sleeping better and were feeling like better parents too. This ability to change my family's lives, and to stop feeling like we failed our little boy, ignited a passion in me to help other families' with similar issues to re-connect with their love of parenting. It also gives me the flexibility to work around my boys schedules which is a gift in itself. 

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